The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 14…

In this week I learnt about 3D Printing. There are some open-source CAD files for JD which are available on EZB to download and print. If we do not have our own 3D Printer then there is a EZB 3D Printing Community portal as well which we can use to 3D print something by selecting respective part in it and locating nearby 3D Printer and after that agreeing price and shipping terms for it. After that I moved on to learn about hardware of JD. In that I first started with EZ-B V4 Robot Brain. Basically, it has 2 (32-bit) CPU’s at 200 mhz [ARM Cortex M3 & Microchip PIC32]. Also, there are 4 different types of ports in it:

=>Digital (D0-D23 {Servos, Ultrasonic Distant Servos and buttons});

=>ADC [Analog Digital Converter] (A0-A7 {Sensors & reading volts});

=>Serial (Digital & UART Ports-3 {Screens & communication});

=>I2C-3 [Two Wire Interface] (There are two types of it one is SDL-Serial Data Line and another one is SCL-Serial Clock Line {Screens & LED’s}).

After that I moved on to learn about EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Modes. EZ-B v4’s integrated Wi-Fi has an embedded web server and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server for AP (Access Point) mode. The Wi-Fi connection use B/G/N modes with WPA, WPA2 & WEB security. When reset button is pressed, network settings will be reset to default configuration. Web server is accessible through Web browser. So, there are two different wifi modes in JD, one is Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) in which EZ-B v4 becomes a Wi-Fi server which means we will loose internet connectivity in this. While in Wi-Fi client mode, EZ-B v4 connect to existing Wi-Fi network as a client. In this case, it will not loose any internet connectivity…∞



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