The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 10

In this week I learnt about different types of servo under positioning control of EZ-Builder. There are 3 types of servo, Positional Rotation, Continuous Rotation and Linear. Positional Rotation are the most common ones and they provide 180° rotation. Continuous Rotation ones are the same ones as positional except it can turn in either direction indefinitely and they provide 360° rotation. Linear ones are also the same ones as positional but with additional gears (usually a rack and pinion mechanism) to change the output from circular to back-&-forth.

After that I moved on to learn how to control a servo motor. EZ-B can control 24 servos simultaneously while it performs other various user specified tasks. There is a term called “Brown-out” which means if servos draw more current then our specification sheet defines the EZ-B may run out of power & reboot itself. To prevent “Brown-out” with many servos, provide alternate power. So, it means if too many high torque servos are connected to EZ-B with out sufficient power source, it will “Brown-out”, means voltage regulator could not keep up with current draw so microchip rebooted itself due to low current.



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