The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 4

In this week, I continued learning camera control of JD in depth, I started learning color tracking with movement functionality. In this, I learnt that there is a difference between Tracking type and Tracking behavior. Tracking type means color red, motion, face, glyph and object which can be accessed using camera control>tracking tab>check-boxes. While Tracking behavior means move and execute scripts. Move means servos or through entire robot. This can be accessed using camera control>settings. So, now the question arises how the robot knows when to move forward/turn (while tracking object) ? There is a simple answer for that question, robot uses movement panel to turn as well as robot knows direction to turn by locating object using camera view (Grid Lines). In camera view (Grid Lines), the left grid quadrant means turn left, right grid quadrant means turn right and center grid quadrant means turn forward. Top and bottom quadrants used for movement tracking by flying robot. Now, I moved on to learn how to detect multiple colors using EZ-Robot Camera. This functionality can be accessed using tracking tab>multi color tab>gear>EZ-Script. I also created a block program for the same using blockly.



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