The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 5

In this week I learnt Vision object training and recognition under camera control of EZ-Builder. When pink square appears in camera view it means continued learning and when blue square appears it means detection. For improving accuracy and continue training we need to check learn while tracking checkbox under object tab. For accessing this functionality and to write program go to tracking tab>object tab/>gear>EZ-Script. I also created a block program for this as well using Blockly. Now, I further moved to Glyphs to control robot movement. There are 4 glyphs for EZ-Builder. Glyphs are unique black and white patterns recognized regardless of orientation. They are particularly used to provide robots with information regarding identification or action. So, in simple terms we use glyphs to control robots movements panel with the camera. This means when glyph is far away robot will move forward and when glyph is close robot will move reverse. This is done using size of detected object (glyph). Size of glyph is measured in pixels. After enabling (ticking) glyph box under tracking tab, blue box will bound detected glyph area in camera view. We can add variable watcher control [Glyph/object/color] to view variable values (Project>Add controls>Scripting). For detecting range we need to choose closest distance which means largest width and furthest distance which means smallest width. I also created a block program for this as well using blockly. Further in this week, I learnt how to detect glyphs with augmented reality. By adding augmented reality to super-impose images on the recognized glyphs. This can be accessed using camera control>settings>augmented reality tab>4 glyphs = 4 images. I also created a block program for this using blockly.



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