The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 13

In this week I learnt about how to control JD from Twitter under creative applications control. It requires a connection to both robot and internet at same time. There is a control in EZB known as Twitter Recognition to add the twitter recognition controls which can be accessed through project>add controls>misc. The control needs to be configured for a specific twitter account through options>global settings. In Twitter Recognition configuration settings, the poll time will set how often twitter account is checked for new messages (Twitter restricts frequent requests and tweets). If poll time generates warning, reduce polling frequency. The Twitter Recognition control will poll twitter for new tweets. If a phrase is recognised, the command will be executed. The Twitter recognition control window will show polling intervals and recognised commands. Information (Picture with text) can also be tweeted using EZ-Builder. I created a block program for this using blockly workspace of EZ-Builder. There is another creative application control in EZB known as Nest Thermostat which can be used to control Nest devices using JD.



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