The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 7

In this week, I learnt speech recognition under audio input control of EZ-Builder. This is particularly used to control and interact with robot. In order to increase recognition threshold lower confidence value but low value may provide false positives. I created a block program for this using blockly. Further, I learnt RGB Animations under RGB Output control. There are 18 RGB LED’s in JD which means 54 LED’s in total. Each LED’s color and brightness can be adjusted individually with transition fading in animations. There is a RGB Animator control in EZ-Builder to create unlimited animations which can be accessed using project>add controls>i2c tab. I created a block program for this as well with speech recognition control using blockly. In this there is a frame for each LED pattern. If we want to display a pattern for longer then we have to increase pause value. If we want to change entrance behavior of pattern then we have to modify transition value. To move instantly into a frame, we need to deselect the transition checkbox or use 0 as the value. Frames can be duplicated and actions can be repeated as desired. I created a block program for the same as well with camera control using blockly.



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