The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Learning Week 1

The first day of internship-Induction day, it was very good. I am able to know the scope of research, How to do a critical literature review and my first showcase of EZ Humanoid Robot-JD. In this week, I learnt how to assign a name to JD (Wi-fi SSID Name), viewed suggested lessons plan for JD, read challenges for JD and write my first linear program (Start-End) using Roboscratch in projects tabs, workspaces section. I am also able to learn different controls (Add-ons) under project tab of EZ-Builder, The EZ-Script Control Command () which is like a mechanism for each controls to talk to each other, Color recognition (Wait for Color) and Face recognition (Wait for Face) through Roboscratch. The Init control also plays an important role in my learning process as it not simply means initialisation but it is like a default function that JD needs to run when it startup every time. Virtual Workspaces also makes the work easier in navigating to different controls. Blockly is the next step after Roboscratch, it is based on block programming instead of syntax programming, which makes programming easier to understand and learn. It helps a lot in learning loops and conditions. I did combination of speech recognition and face tracking using blockly. Finally, this weeks last concept that I learnt which was EZ-Script, it is basically a programming language for EZ-Builder. It enables intellisense scripting input which makes programming more easier in EZ-Builder as every control has script of its own.

Learning Week



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