The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 12

In this week I learnt about MYO Gesture Armband under positional control of JD. Basically, it is a creative controller for interacting with robot. It uses gestures and an accelerometer to trigger actions, events and move servos. The servos can mimic movements using built-in accelerometer. After that I moved on to learn more about movement panels. It is basically responsible for how robot moves in directions (forward, left, right, stop, reverse, etc.). It allows other controls or EZ-Script to easily instruct the robot to move any direction. When a movement panel is added, it registers itself as the responsible control for directional movements. A maximum of one movement panel may be added to a project and movement panel must be on first EZB (Connection 0). We can add custom movement panel which contain events for each direction (forward, left, right, stop, reverse) that we may add custom code for. This can be accessed through project>add controls>scripting. Navigation is also possible through Roboscratch and blockly (programming workspace’s).



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