The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 6

In this week I learnt QR Code detection using camera control in EZ-Builder. QR means quick response. Information’s stored in QR Codes. Basically, it is a 2D bar code for encoding information. QR Code Encoder Control is used to create custom QR Codes. This can be accessed using project>add controls>camera tab. More detailed messages require more pixels to store and share information and will look more complicated. Robots can speak decoded information using speech recognition control. I created a block program for the same using blockly.

Now, I moved on to learn Microsoft Cognitive Emotion Control. In this control using Microsoft cognitive services plugin robot is able to know happy/sad emotions.

It requires connection to both robot and internet at same time. This is because it uses Microsoft Cognitive Emotion Cloud Service which uses machine learning to visually describe facial expressions. I created a block program for this using blockly. Using speech recognition control (Project>Add controls>Audio tab) with this service to verbally trigger the emotion check is another way to use this control. I created a separate block program for this as well using blockly. To improve recognition, lower minimal confidence value. Further, I moved to microsoft cognitive vision. It means by using this service robot will be able to describe what it sees in the camera view. Same as cognitive emotion, it also uses microsoft cognitive vision cloud service which means it uses machine learning to describe camera view. I also created a block program for this as well with speech recognition control using blockly. I also created a auto response block program using Pandora Bot control. For advanced program’s there is a possibility to combine Microsoft Cognitive Emotion, Vision and Pandora Bot controls.



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