The Incredible Journey in Robotics

Journey Week 11

In this week I learnt about sound board under positioning control. It is used to add robot audio control which can be accessed using Project>add controls>audio. After that I moved on to learn how to program a robot to move using auto position control in EZ-Builder. It allows still frames to be played in sequence to create an animation. Frame means movement (Servo adjustment’s). Adjust number of degrees for each servo until desired position is created. A 0 value (degree) is a special case used to release servo for manual movement. A -1 value (degree) is a special case used to lock the servo position. Servos that mirror each other will have reversed values, for example, start at 90 degrees and calculate change in each direction like, 90+40=130 degrees; 90–40=50 degrees. This is an example of left and right legs servo of JD:

Left Leg — Right Leg

▣ 130 — ▣ 50

▣ 50 — ▣ 130

▣ 90 — ▣ 90

So, after setting the frames, the next step is to define actions using already set frames (movements). Then, after that I learnt how to program robot to play by additionally using blockly workspace’s Autoposition (wait) command.



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Jayesh Saini

Jayesh Saini

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